Review: With the latest beta, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer looks like it is finally making ground on rival browers Firefox and Opera.
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Review: eWEEK Labs’ evaluations of some of the latest laptop computers find that there’s a machine for just about everyone.
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Review: Pioneer’s BDR-101A will let you burn your own Blu-ray discs. Weighing in at nearly $1,000, it’s not for casual users, but if you need to burn Blu-ray discs for any purpose, it’s currently the only game in town.
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Review: Looking to RAID your desktop hard drives? We’ll give you the lowdown on four RAID solutions to help you find what you need for your high-performance, high-capacity workstation.
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Benchmarks: Intel announces the shipping clock speed for its Core 2 Extreme and the top Core 2 Duo CPUs. They also give a sneak peek into the roadmap and give us some hands-on benchmarking time.
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Review: Seagate delivers a monster 750GB hard drive, the new Barracuda 7200.10. The first desktop hard drive based on perpendicular recording technology, Seagate’s new drive may be just the thing for media junkies. But how do you back up three-quarters of a terabyte?
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Review: Home servers need lots of space, ample cooling, and a touch of style. We review two big PC cases that want to get a foot in your door.
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Review: Paranoid about backing your data up to web sites, but worried about protecting the data locally? The DataFortress builds a redundant drive array into a fireproof safe.
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Review: Looking more like a game controller, the AlphaGrip AG-5 isn’t your average keyboard. It has a trackball, enough buttons and button combos for every key on a standard keyboard, and can clock users at 50-words-per-minute. So why aren’t you using it?
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Review: Victor Loh continues his quest for the perfect small NAS system, checking out Infrant’s new ReadyNAS NV and Anthology Solutions’ Yellow Machine P400T.
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Pedro Pereira
Opinion: Big-name vendors without a managed services play cannot afford to stand by. Soon they will try to buy their way into this booming space.
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