Channel News
Microsoft set the retail price for Vista at between $100 and $259 for users upgrading from older versions of Windows. The prices range from the basic version of Vista to the top-end “ultimate” edition.
The software giant will use a data feed provided by Digital Resolve to help Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Live Toolbar identify suspected phishing sites.
The suite will include software, servers and wireless hardware for both barcode and RFID technology.
ASCII Group, a U.S.-based collective of small VARs and SIs is launching an India affiliate to connect U.S. vendors with small VARs on the subcontinent.
Industry News
CA’s channel chief, Gary Quinn, announced his departure from the company after only a few months at the helm. SMB channels chief George Kafkarkou will fill in.
Tech Analysis: A bug fix kills Ubuntu GUIs, and eWEEK Labs ponders their worth.
eWEEK Labs: CA Unicenter Network and Systems Management r11.1 offers impressive system management results for enterprise IT environments.
Hewlett-Packard beefs up the security and manageability of new business desktops, offering two models with Intel’s Core 2 Duo desktop processor, and two with AMD’s Athlon 64 X2 or Opteron processors.
The company installs Intel’s new dual-core processor in its iMac computers and also adds a 24-inch model.
SpiralFrog, a new online music service, said on Wednesday it had signed an agreement with EMI Music Publishing to authorize SpiralFrog’s use of EMI’s music catalog for legal downloading in the United States via SpiralFrog’s advertising-supported service.
Updated: The chip maker says it hopes to see savings of $2 billion in 2007 and $3 billion in 2008 through the restructuring program.
The company’s MoviNAND combines flash memory, a multimedia card controller and firmware in 1GB and 2GB packages, useful for MP3 players and cell phones.
Will PC owners have to pay extra for an ongoing license to decrypt their Blu-Ray or HD DVDs?
Microsoft Corp. announced on Tuesday U.S. prices for Windows Vista, the long-awaited new version of the operating system that sits on more than 90 percent of the world’s PCs.
Opinion: The ability to find products that have a long tail separates solution providers trying to survive from those who create strategic relationships and drive recurring revenue.
Opinion: The IT organization of yesteryear is no longer. To whom you report has become less relevant than with whom you work.
Opinion: The looming choice for Windows users is either to stick with Windows XP (and older hardware) or take Windows Vista cold turkey. But Microsoft doesn’t have to be so tough?Apple did it differently with the Mac OS X rollout.
Microsoft to Tighten Genuine Advantage Screws
Microsoft is building more “Genuine” checks directly into Windows Vista and expanding the program to target PC makers and system builders.
Microsoft to Pay Reparations for Delays
Redmond is making amends with business customers covered by volume-license agreements who have been negatively impacted by Vista and Office delays.
Mainframers Learn New Tricks
IBM looks to retrain, reframe and retool systems and the work force.
IBM to Lure SMBs with ‘Express’ Storage
IBM says it’s willing to sacrifice speed and capacity for lower price.
Level Platforms, Intel to Boost Managed Services
Level Platforms is the first managed services vendor to leverage Intel’s Active Management Technology for remote monitoring and management.
Intel’s Core 2 Duo Vendor Waltz
Intel’s largest launch in 10 years, the Core 2 Duo, required coordinating with more than 30 suppliers and vendors to make sure the product has a home when it hits the market.
HP Offers Debian Support for Servers
HP is increasing Linux support and will release a Debian Linux-based, thin client.
HP Servers to Run Newest AMD Dual Cores
Hewlett-Packard, which has a history of using both AMD and Intel chips, continues to maintain its neutrality.
Symantec Updates Discovery Package
Symantec updates legal discovery package to help companies prepare for lawsuits using Symantec’s security and storage expertise.
Symantec IDs Holes in Vista Kernel Security
Symantec maintains that a number of loopholes remain in Vista’s kernel-level security.
Cisco Buys On-Demand Video Startup
Cisco’s acquisition of Arroyo Video Solutions, an on-demand video technology provider, gives it a leg up among cable companies looking to deliver video-on-demand beyond TVs .
Cisco Jumps on Compliance Bandwagon
New suite designed to implement a more mature change management process that can map to the regulatory requirements of industry-specific regulations.
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Review: IBM x3500 server leverages power and efficiency of new processors.
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